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Find Your Zone During Healthy Weight Week

January 16-20 is Healthy Weight Week, a time to focus on creating healthy habits that foster weight maintenance and progressive weight loss. Instead of obsessing about the number you want to see on your bathroom scale, think about how you can make overall wellness a priority in your life

Join us during Healthy Weight Week and commit to:

  • Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limit prepackaged and processed foods
  • Cook at home instead of going out to eat
  • Move your body and exercise
  • Use a smaller plate to limit portion size
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Find ways to eliminate stress from your day
  • Accept your present weight and set realistic goals for weight loss
  • Create positive relationships with people who encourage you

Incorporate these goals into your week and then work on making them into habits. It takes at least 30 days to form a new habit, so be patient with yourself. Success begins with embracing who you are.

Stanford University School of Medicine found that 63 percent of participants in a study who had a positive body image were more successful at losing and maintaining weight for a year compared to a 26 percent success rate for those who were dissatisfied with their appearance (Source: Shape). How can you work toward develop a positive body image? By realizing that fitness is not a number; it is a way of life. Avoid choosing a “perfect weight” for yourself. Instead, think of your ideal weight as a zone, or a range of weight in which you feel comfortable and beautiful. If you focus on healthy lifestyle instead of a number or a measurement, you can feel truly satisfied.

Share the message of Healthy Weight Week with a friend or family member. Maybe you can create some goals together!

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